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Celebrant Chris Jones of I SPEAK 4 U will officiate at your loved one’s funeral.

Rest easy knowing your celebrant has everything in hand.

It’s important that you are truly comfortable with your celebrant and that’s why Chris from I SPEAK 4 U will sit with you and talk over the arrangements for and what you would like, included (and left out of) the funeral service.

Feel free to contact Chris now so that he may sit down and discuss the needs you have for your loved one’s funeral.

Celebrant Chris Jones of I Speak 4 U loves the outdoors.

Some celebrant questions to consider:

  1. Is a personalised service that reflects and respects the life of your loved one a very high priority to you?
  2. Would you like a celebrant that will listen as well as speak?
  3. Do you want a celebrant that is not afraid to break away from “tradition”? Yes, funerals need not all be the same.
  4. Are there questions or special requests you don’t know if you can ask of your celebrant?

If you have answered yes to some or all of these questions then take the next step and contact Chris to arrange a time for him to meet with you. Phone 027 435 4523.

How about celebrant fees?

As services are personalised and vary considerably in what exactly you want Chris as your celebrant to perform, there is no set fee. However once Chris has met with you to discuss the requirements of your service, he will then be able to tell you exactly what the fee will be for engaging him.

Of course, the meeting is without obligation and a fee would only be charged if you appoint Chris as your celebrant for the service.

The benefits of using a professional funeral celebrant such as Chris include:

  • key contacts from family or friends rest easy
  • someone else takes care and concern
  • paying attention to important details is someone else’s job

What can you expect from this service? (Reference)

Thank you so much for all your care and concern at my father’s funeral. I rested easy knowing you had everything in hand. I watched you on the video walking everyone out like a mother hen with her chicks.

I love your attention to detail and the way you affirmed Preston.

It was a comfort to know you had it all in hand.

Blessings from the Botherway family and Des.

Click here to contact Chris now.